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🙂 A "red" father TRIED to put into practice what we have learned from Session 6 to "blue" wife, "yellow" son and "green" daughter 🙂 . Watch Session 6 teaching video >>>

ps. On your computer, change the subtitle to "Auto-Translate: Japanese" to watch in
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Sun August 11th  ·  

Our service starts at 10:30am! Hope Japan lunch after the service. Please invite your friends! 礼拝は10:30amから始まります。礼拝後は福島震災復興支援ランチがあります。ぜひお越し下さい。 ... See MoreSee Less

Sat August 3rd  ·  

Ice Cream Cone today @ Cafe 🙂 Open 10:30am! ... See MoreSee Less

Sun July 28th  ·  

We are at Uwajimaya until 7pm today! Come get yakitori/takoyaki/okonomiyaki! 🙂 宇和島屋にて今晩7時まで焼き鳥、タコ焼き、お好み焼きを実演販売しています。ぜひお越し下さい。 ... See MoreSee Less

Sat July 27th  ·  

Summer Seminar (日本語は下): Have you ever hurt or been hurt by words? We'll learn from Ephesians 4:29 and practical steps we can take to improve our communication based on your God-given temperament. We'll take a 40 question test to determine your temperament, and find out your needs and others' needs based on it, and how to apply that in living out Ephesians 4:29.

7/28 (Sun) 9am & 11am "The 4 temperaments and their explanation; hand out test".

8/4 (Sun) 10:30am Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each temperament.

*8/9-10 will be at JIBC Family Retreat (Registration due 7/21)

*8/9 (Fri) 7pm "The words your temperament needs".

*8/10 (Sat) 9:30am "When your needs aren't filled".

*8/10 (Sat) 1:30pm (TBA) "Identifying others and their needs".

8/11 (Sun) 10:30am "Putting it into practice".


7/28(日)9am & 11am「四つのタイプの性格の説明と、診断テスト配布」。




*8/10(土)1:30pm (予定)「身近な人のニーズ(必要なコミュニケーション)の発見」。

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Fri July 19th  ·  

Today's Sunday lunch is Pork katsu. 今日の教会ランチはトンカツです。 ... See MoreSee Less

Sun July 14th  ·  

Thank you all for making our Children's camp 2019 special! Especially, many thanks to the student volunteers 🙂 Today, they left for Youth camp. May God bless you all! 保護者とボランティアの皆さん、子供キャンプにご協力下さりありがとうございました。今日から中高生はユースキャンプに出発しました。祝福を祈ります! ... See MoreSee Less

Sat July 13th  ·  

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