1. What Are Reasons to Become a Christian?

There are countless benefits to becoming a Christian. The Bible talks about dozens of things that happen when you accept Jesus:

  • Your sins are forgiven, and you feel the weight of shame lifted.
  • You experience the incredible love of God
  • God gives you incredible peace no matter your circumstances in life
  • You get lasting happiness in God that your heart has longed for
  • You become a child of God
  • Your name is written in the Lamb's book of life
  • You will go to heaven when you die, and be with God forever

2. How Do I Become a Christian?

Receiving God's love for you is as simple as praying a simple, biblical prayer of faith in Jesus Christ. Pray this in your heart to God:

"God, I confess my sins to you
I believe in Jesus, and what He did on the cross for me
Today, I turn from my sins, and I follow Jesus
Jesus, please save me, forgive me, and be my leader and Lord"

If you prayed this prayer, God did just that! He forgave you of your sins, He adopted you into His family. 

3. Why Are These Steps to Becoming a Christian Important?

Going to church doesn't mean you are a Christian anymore than going into a garage means you are a car. While church is important, faith in Jesus is more than going to church, or even doing spiritual practices like praying and reading the Bible.

You can go through all the motions, and still not be a Christian. You must put your faith in Jesus Christ to experience God's forgiveness and love. 

4. Do I Have to Go to a Church to Become a Christian?

Church is very important to grow in your faith in Jesus. Here is an article about why church is so important.

5. How Can I Become a Better Christian?

God wants to help you follow Him better. Here are some ways you can grow as a Christian:

Finally, here are some of the characteristics of what it looks like to be a healthy Christian.

If you are struggling in your faith, here are 10 keys to a spiritual breakthrough.

6. Can Anyone Become a Christian?

Yes, no one has sinned too much, or too badly to receive the grace and mercy of Jesus.

If you turn to Jesus, and put your faith in Him, He will forgive you of all your sins, and cleanse you, and make you a child of God.

7. How Do I Become a Christian Again?

If you put your faith in Jesus Christ, you do not need to become a Christian again.

If you have sinned as a Christian, you can confess your sin to Him and He is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you. 

You may be wanting to grow as a Christian, and put off old habits. Here are several articles about how to grow as a Christian. (and How to Grow as a Christian part two)

8. How Do I Become an Effective Christian?

Once we become a Christian, God wants to help us grow in him. The Bible talks about spiritually immature, and mature Christians. Here is an article about growing mature as a Christian.

9. I've Become a Christian, Now What?

God saved you for a reason. He has an incredible purpose for your life. 

Sometimes you will experience opposition to following Jesus. Read this article if you are encountering spiritual warfare. Read this article if you are facing hardship and suffering.

Some people think you need to be super serious as a Christian, but God wants you to live with an incredible joy. Here is an article about the happiness Jesus wants to give you.

One of the most important things you can do as a Christian, is to read the Bible daily. That is the main way to grow in your faith. Here is an article that will encourage you to read the Bible.

Another great way to grow closer to God is to pray. Here is an article that will encourage you to pray.

Lastly, our world is full of bad news. But because of Jesus, you can now live with incredible amounts of joy, peace and hope. Here is an article why you can experience God's peace even when the world is going crazy.


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